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by Jim Taylor, Sales Representative 

When Mr. Strasheim asked me if I would write an Affiliate Angle article for the Reporter, I suggested the one I wrote in 2011, should cover me for at least 10 years.

He begged to differ.

I am approaching the midway point of my 44th season in the Golf Industry. I really don’t feel old (most days) but certainly have a sense of being “well seasoned”. The majority of my career was spent on the Golf Course Maintenance side of the business, almost 30 years, but now I have been on the sales side for 17 seasons. Many ask if I miss the maintenance end of the business, and I can only answer that, I definitely miss certain aspects, and if I didn’t, not sure why on earth I did it for nearly 30 years. 

What don’t I miss? Here are just a few examples;

Golf & Grounds Committee meetings, and that one (only one if you’re lucky) member who knows oh so much more than you do about everything, especially course maintenance.

Calls from the Pro Shop at 7:00 a.m. asking “did we tell you we have six groups going off the back nine at 7:30?”

Then there are those things that you could love one day, and hate the next. Number one in that category is certainly “Mother Nature”.

I think your staff also falls in to that Love-Hate realm. Your staff is a bit like marriage, when its good, there is nothing better, when its bad…nothing worse. I do feel extremely fortunate, for both my marriage, and for the opportunity to have worked with some incredibly talented individuals over the years. This business is the best at providing the opportunity to forge relationships that last a lifetime. 

What I miss most, is what got me in to this business in the first place. Being on the golf course as the sun peaks over the horizon… just no better place on earth! I also miss the incredible sense of pride and satisfaction that came when you were part of a crew that produced course conditions that were the absolute best they could be, given any and all adversity that had been tossed your way.

In closing, I’d just make one quick pitch. Please consider volunteering to serve on an RMGCSA Committee. It doesn’t require a tremendous amount of time, and your input may very well help shape the future of this Association, and the Golf Industry in the State of Colorado.

Best to all for good health, and a successful season. I look forward for the opportunity to meet those of you, whom I’ve not yet had the pleasure.

Jim Taylor
Winfield United

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