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2017 July/August Director's Corner
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I'm Back Baby!

by Kevin Kallas, Superintendent, Aurora Hills Golf Course 

Since my last article, I was replaced as the Assistant Representative of the RMGCSA... but for good reason.  Remember my last article about my time in Arizona working the Waste Management Phoenix Open? Well, not only was I working from sun up to sun down prepping the course for the big boys but at night I was refining my resume and filling out a job application for a superintendent position here at home.

A little over 3 months ago I left my then assistants job heading home feeling a defeated.  See, the week before I had interviewed for a Superintendent job (we were told the decision would come down  a week later)  and as I got into my car to head home I came to the realization that I did not get it and that I would have to look for my next opportunity elsewhere. 
About 10 min into my drive I received the call I didn’t think would come, I GOT THE JOB! A month later I was asked to come back on board with the RMGSCA as the Class B representative!  Now, here I am writing for the Directors Corner of the Reporter as the new Superintendent of Aurora Hills Golf Course, one of 6 City of Aurora courses.

I would like to say my transition was easy. As an Assistant I had been working closely with my last two Supers learning the in’s and out’s of running a course, attending City training classes to be a better manager, how to work with City budgets and so on. I felt like I was ready till I meet with my boss and was informed of fires burning here at my new course. I was told I have no mechanic and that I was without an irrigation system during one of the driest winters on record.  I still don’t have a mechanic (please accept a shameless plea to anyone that knows someone) and I finally have a pump station after a month delay. Here you go Kev, It’s all yours. Don’t mess it up.
Making the decisions on what to spray and when to spray it, who to get all the chemicals from, who to can buy from, handling a golfer/homeowner complaint and so on was done for me as an assistant, now it’s on my plate.  Seeing disease on “my greens” and panicking over it, how much water should I put down, changing the way the greens were maintained to my tastes is now my responsibility.  I always laughed and joked to my wife that I didn’t get the stress my bosses were under.... now she is telling me to get some sleep and fight the issues the next day.

I would be remise if I didn’t mention my Assistant, Blake Larsen. Blake applied for the job as well and I know he was just as disappointed as I would have been. What I do know is this, that without him and his leadership of this crew we have built, I would probably be out looking for a new job.  I just hope that what he has done for me these last few months is what I gave to my Superintendents during my time as an Assistant. 

Being a Superintendent is what I wanted to be since my first job in golf while in high school. It’s been more than I thought it would be but also everything I hoped it would be.  I have always taken pride in my work and my course as an Assistant, but the feeling of it being “your course”, even with the disease, no mechanic, less than favorable conditions to start the year (remember no pump station) has quickly taught me how to handle it one situation at a time.... and to rely on my Assistant, just like my Superintendents relied on me.

See you on the course! 



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