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2017 May/June Director's Corner
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Director's Corner

by Eric and Monica Strasheim


I have worked in the golf business for 37 years both in pro shop and maintenance. Through these years there has been one constant observation, it is a hard job on relationships.  My wife Monica and I are no stranger to these problems and since she has been so important to me in anything I do or accomplish I asked her to put some thoughts down about what one of our biggest obstacles has been, my job.  Take it away Monica.

What is it like to be a wife or significant other of someone who is in the golf business?  

I have been involved with my husband for 25 years, 15 years of marriage, and he has always been in the golf business.  When we started dating he was an ordinary Joe working his way up the ladder in the golf business.

Where to begin……….

As a non-golfer, it has been an interesting journey.  I can appreciate the elegance of a golf course. Sure when it is green it is lovely, when it is brown you think what is going on?  Why are they not watering it, or is it dying?   Why in the world are those people golfing when the wind is blowing or it is only 40 degrees with sunshine? Crazy Golfers.

As I begin sharing my thoughts, I want to say I have thought many times about learning to play and every summer I say I am going to learn and as the summer progresses I never do.  Even this year I had it lined up and spoke to an instructor to help and have not followed through. Why you ask………. Well I am not sure I am ready to take the plunge.

I love my husband but want to beat him over the head some days with his clubs.  Being married to now a superintendent has its ups and downs.

For starters let’s talk about the crazy hours.  Up at 3:30 a.m. to be at work at 5:00 a.m. Bedtime usually is about 8:00 p.m. (that is late some nights). Earlier depending on what state you live in. What does that do for a social life… Well it certainly does not work out well.  Not only does it mean early to rise early to bed, it also includes working 7 days a week for months at a time.  I honestly don’t know how he does it.  I work a lot of hours, on average 45-50 but I have weekends off.  By the middle of the summer he is totally spent!  Vacations can be difficult to plan starting when the season starts, which is either year round or starting as early as March and through October depending on where you are.  Lots of events and tournaments to plan around. And when you do schedule the first few days are usually spent catching up on some much needed Zzzz’s. 

The time spent at work, worrying about work and of course the customer service aspect is probably the same for most people in their jobs, but to me a person in this industry is under constant stress. Golfers are tough critics and expect perfection.

We all make work our #1 priority, but there are days that I feel that his job is always #1 and takes over our entire lives.  That has been our biggest hurdle and over the years have worked out an understanding. Acceptance is the word I think am looking for.

Let’s not forget the years of snow removal, yep being on call for snow removal as a golf course person. Never understood that one and gave up years ago.

So let’s talk about the good things…

What a great bunch of men and women in this industry.  Very team orientated, they always help each other out.  When someone needs advice they can call anyone in the industry for help.  They pull together when someone needs help or falls on hard times, have fun events, and let’s not forget the beautiful product they put out there. 

I have come to appreciate this game, it’s not just about the club and the ball.  It is about respect of the game, being polite to others, being a gentleman, living up to traditions of the game, and I have learned to appreciate the amount of work it takes to get a course ready to be played.  I have come to respect my husband’s gumption for his job. 

I made a choice to stick by his side no matter how frustrated I can get but it is because I love him and he has opened my eyes to aspects of this industry I would have never known.

For all you wives and significant others out there feeling the frustration I have felt for years…

Hang in there!

Heck who knows maybe I will become a crazy golfer out there on a cold Colorado Day with the sun shining and no snow, playing a quick 9 holes before the sun goes down. Or finally being able to contribute to the conversation around the table drinking a cold beer about how I shot on whole number 15.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings.

Maybe I am way off base with this and it is just us with these problems but I think Monica and all those wives, husbands and significant others deserve a little space to vent a bit and is a reminder to me that work is not #1 priority and to balance my life better.




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