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July/August 2017 Reporter
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by Austin Anderson, Superintendent, Grand Elk Golf Club

Korinne and I are expecting a precious and perfect baby girl in the month of July. When our baby girl arrives, I ask myself how will I be able to find a balance between my work and personal life. Having the superintendent’s rigorous hours this time a year leaves little to no time to even find that balance. Studies show that a poor work-life balance can result in unhealthy levels of stress, unhappiness, and even reduced productivity.


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I'm Back Baby!
by Kevin Kallas, Superintendent, Aurora Hills Golf Course

Since my last article, I was replaced as the Assistant Representative of the RMGCSA... but for good reason.Remember my last article about my time in Arizona working the Waste Management Phoenix Open? Well, not only was I working from sun up to sun down prepping the course for the big boys but at night I was refining my resume and filling out a job application for a superintendent position here at home.

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 by Ed Cogar, Assistant Superintendent, Legacy Ridge Golf Course

When I was asked to write a spotlight for the reporter this month, it gave me a chance to reflect on all the great people I have met and worked with through the years.I started my golf course maintenance career when I graduated from Jefferson High School 1986.My best friend and I thought it would be a great summer job to work at Grand Lake Golf Course and stay at my parent’s cabin for the summer.What were my parent’s thinking, letting us use their cabin for the summer?We applied for a job in the Proshop (glad we didn’t get that position!) and ended up working maintenance.I started as the night irrigation technician for the first of five summers watering the front nine using impacts mounted on quick coupler keys.After a summer of night watering, I began working on the day crew.



by Jim Taylor, Sales Representative

When Mr. Strasheim asked me if I would write an Affiliate Angle article for the Reporter, I suggested the one I wrote in 2011, should cover me for at least 10 years.

He begged to differ.

I am approaching the midway point of my 44th season in the Golf Industry. I really don’t feel old (most days) but certainly have a sense of being “well seasoned”. The majority of my career was spent on the Golf Course Maintenance side of the business, almost 30 years, but now I have been on the sales side for 17 seasons. Many ask if I miss the maintenance end of the business, and I can only answer that, I definitely miss certain aspects, and if I didn’t, not sure why on earth I did it for nearly 30 years.


Speakers: Tony Hahn, Dr. Brian Horgan, Pat Jones, Blake Meentemeyer, Dave Wilber,Jim Urbina, andMany More!!

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by Craig Cahalane, Superintendent, Pole Creek Golf Club

There were eight candidates this year for the RMGCSA Legacy Scholarship.All eight are exceptional young adults with a very bright future which made this year’s vote extremely difficult.After a very close vote, this year’s winner of the $2,500 scholarship is Evan McCleary, daughter of Honorary Lifetime Member Joe McCleary, CGCS.

Here is a list of this year’s candidates along with their parent:

Jamie Byers, daughter of Jim Byers, Breckenridge Golf Club
Haley Fox, daughter of Brian Fox, Valley Hi Golf Course
Katherine Harston, daughter of Tom Harston, South Suburban Golf Course
Brett Johnson, daughter of Lance Johnson, CGCS, City of Westminster
Kyle Johnson, son of Lance Johnson, CGCS, City of Westminster
John Michael Osley, son of Michael Osley, CGCS, Saddle Rock Golf Course
Alex Southard, son of Steve Southard, City of Loveland

RMGCSA Legacy Scholarship Connects the Future to the Past
by Joe McCleary

A golf family tree branches in an interesting and satisfying way. The McCleary Golf Family Tree starts with George F. McCleary Sr, my grandfather. He introduced me to the game. It’s also quite possible that the love of being outdoors and interacting with a variety of living organisms occupies a place on my golf family tree. So include Mother Nature and a Kansas ice storm on a couple of branches. My first golf course job, Alvamar Golf Course, involved cleaning up small debris from an ice storm. Without that storm, I wouldn’t have met Richard Stuntz, CGCS, the superintendent that observed my passion for the course and shared with me that a degree in horticulture was worth exploring. Dick’s guidance led me to Kansas State where I met Jeff Nus PhD, my advisor. Eventually Jeff found his way to GCSAA and that led to my involvement on the GCSAA Research Committee and then the Environmental Programs and Government Relations committees. Involvement on the Environmental Programs Committee led to the idea for the economic/environmental study of golf in Colorado.

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by Brian Temple, Assistant Superintendent, Lone Tree Golf Club and Hotel

Well…I think most of us that have played the Assistants Outing the last few yearswere wondering if we had shown up to the correct event! Beautiful, sunny, perfect weather!? Not for this event, it’s supposed to be raining, miserable, freezing cold! Hopefully the tides have changed for good and this event will be as perfect as it was on this day in the years to come. We had a really nice turn out this year and for those assistants and affiliates that weren’t able to attend, time to talk your bosses into a day off. Judging by most of the scores, I gather that most of us are working and not playing a lot of golf! I want to send out a special thanks to all of my guys who worked their tails off to get us ready for the event! I thought the course played pretty good and hopefully you all did as well! A big thank you also to Colorado Golf and Turf for sponsoring the event! Lastly, I’dlike to thank Mitch Savage for speaking as well! It really is important for us all to network and know one another and help one another out through our golf maintenance journeys! Congratulations to all the winners and lets shoot for even more participation next year!



1st Gross and Class C Champion
Colton Donahue, The Links Golf Course

2nd Gross
Dan Machuga, Indian Tree Golf Course

3rd Gross
Brian Murtaugh, Fossil Trace

1st Net
Brian Temple, Lone Tree

2nd Net
Robert Ross, Harvard Gulch

3rd Net
Tom Gates, Lake Arbor

Closest to the pin
Matt Strong, VGM Club


Patty Jewett Golf Course Provides First Green its First Environmental Learning Lab in Colorado
by Patrick Gentile CGCS, Golf Divisino Superintendent, City of Colorado Springs

On May 8, 2017, one of the oldest golf courses west of the Mississippi became the first golf course in Colorado to host a First Green event.Patty Jewett Golf Course nestled at the foot of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, hosted two 3rd grade classes from Taylor Elementary School, which is located adjacent to the golf course.The 35 3rd graders marched on to the golf course eager to learn and explore.The golf course staff waited patiently as the students, most of which were stepping onto a golf course for the first time, were amazed by their surroundings. Patty Jewett staff welcomed the students with open arms.The team collaborating with me on this event included Golf Course Superintendent, Jeff Wichman, and his staff; PGA Professional, Bill Martin, along with his pro shop co-owner,Jeff Martin; and the restaurant manager, Michael Head. Additionally, David Phipps, Northwest Field Staff Representative from the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, came out for the event and offered excellent support leading up to the event.His commitment and enthusiasm for the First Green program were contagious.

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Colorado Golf Alliance 2017 Legislative Summary
Courtesy of Jennifer M. Cassell, Bowditch & Cassel Public Affairs

The 2017 legislative session convened on January 11, 2017 and adjourned May 10, 2017. As in the past, many major public policy bills were introduced during the last 5-15 days of the session. We saw a total of 681 bills introduced during the session and roughly half of those bills passed through the legislative process.

The theme of the session was all about the skillful compromise. Because of divided control of the General Assembly – a Republican Senate and a Democratic House – compromise and negotiation were essential for any bill to pass both chambers. The legislature was faced with many big policy questions on construction defects, the Hospital Provider Fee, and transportation funding – with ongoing discussions throughout the session, and numerous bills introduced on each subject, some of these issues were resolved.

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Colorado Superintendent Finds Success With Seasonal Workforce
courtesy of GCSAA Government Affairs Team | Jun 02, 2017

Ask the average Joe if he’s heard of the H-2B visa program or ever met a seasonal guest worker, and he’ll probably say no. Ask a member of Congress how he or she feels about expanding the number of H-2B visas available to small businesses each year, and they may be opposed, but they would be in the minority. Included in the recent government funding bill passed by Congress and signed into law by the President, was a provision that would allow the Department of Homeland Security to offer more visas for the remainder of FY17 than the statutory 66,000 visas already issued. A need still remains for more guest workers this year as more applications were submitted than there were visas available. But luckily for Dan Hawkins, director of agronomy and facility operations at The Club at Flying Horse in Colorado Springs, Colo., his guest workers were approved

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by Dan Hawkins, RMEGI President

Our vision and motivation is to provide support of education and research in Turfgrass and related golf course amenities, academic support for individuals pursuing a career in the industry as well as supporting charitable and philanthropic activities that support the golf course professional and their families.

With this mission statement in mind the Rocky Mountain Environmental Golf Institute (RMEGI), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and the philanthropic arm of the Rocky Mountain Golf Course Superintendents Association, since its inception in 2009 has been raising money to fund various research programs that are dedicated to solving issues that we see on our golf courses throughout the Rocky Mountain region. Whether it be disease pressure, alternative water sources, water conservation or helping to fund a lobbyist at the state level that can help us get our message across to legislators, we need the support of all golf stakeholders to continue providing needed support in key areas that will allow the golf industry to be successful long into the future.

Finances managed by the Rocky Mountain Environmental Golf Institute support scholarships, Turfgrass research, and many other philanthropic activities that support golf course management professionals and their families. The most important aspect of the RMEGI is its’ ability to solicit and accept donations for activities supported by the RMGCSA and its members.

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The State of Colorado has recognized Smart Irrigation Month every year since 2012

The Irrigation Association first launched Smart Irrigation Month in July 2005 to increase public awareness of the value of water-use efficiency and water-saving products, practices and services. The initiative is designed to:

• Educate homeowners, businesses, growers and other users about simple ways to save money and water.
• Encourage industry firms and professionals to promote smart irrigation practices and technologies to customers.
• Help water providers minimize peak water use and reduce demands on infrastructure in their communities.
•Reinforce the role efficient irrigation plays in providing real solutions to today’s water challenges.

All industry professionals and businesses are encouraged to find creative ways to participate in Smart Irrigation Month and to pursue proclamations by their state and municipal governments. Visit the Smart Irrigation Month website sample proclamation language.

About the Irrigation Association
The Irrigation Association is the leading membership organization for irrigation companies and professionals. Together with our members, we are committed to promoting efficient irrigation and to long-term sustainability of water resources for future generations. IA works to improve industry proficiency, advocate sound water management and grow demand for water-efficient products and services. For more information,

Debunking Myths: A Professional's Take on Herbicides and Algaecides
by Trent Nelson, Aquatic Specialist and former Assistant Golf Course Superintendent

When applied within label guidelines, these products have proven to be effective without altering water quality. That being said, no two waterbodies are the same. Water chemistries and application styles can vary greatly from pond to pond, and not knowing how to alter application rates accordingly can have adverse effects on the aquatic ecosystem. It’s worth consulting a knowledgeable lake professional who is experienced in the process of algae and aquatic weed treatments. Before the application of EPA regulated herbicides or algaecides, a professional will conduct water quality tests in order to fully understand the water chemistry, dissolved oxygen levels, pH, alkalinity and other important parameters. Water quality can be the deciding factor on what products are utilized, the rates at which they are used and specific application techniques. Water testing should also be part of your annual maintenance plan in order to compile critical baseline data. Over time, this data will provide a better understanding of potential nutrient loading and other water quality parameters.


by Eric Strasheim, Superintendent, Murphy Creek Golf Course

The Rocky Mountain Environmental Golf Institute (RMEGI) had a great day on June 15th for the Memorial Tournament.The City of Westminster led by Lance Johnson was gracious enough to donate the course for the day and superintendent Blake Ramsey and his team of Ed Cogar and Bradley McClean along with the rest of the staff had the course in excellent condition.A big thank you to Jim Taylor and Winfield Solutions for their sponsorship along with the 39 hole sponsors, Hunter Industries for the golf balls and tournament director Erin Diegel along with food and beverage director Andrew Caldwell for helping make this a great event.

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August 25, 2017
Affiliate Cup
Vail Golf Club
September 20, 2017
Challenge Cup
CommonGround Golf Course
October 9, 2017
Annual Meeting
Fort Collins Country Club





































































































































































































































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