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2018 March/April GCSAA News
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GCSAA News - 2018 GCSAA Voting

byZach Bauer, Superintendent, Broadmoor Golf Club - West Course, GCSAA Delegate

Every year, at the Golf Industry Show our national association, the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA), holds their annual voting meeting. This event is held on Thursday afternoon and is open to any GCSAA members that want to attend. Most of the attendees are Chapter Delegates or voting delegates there to vote on new by-laws and Board of Director candidates. The Chapter Delegate role is to provide a connection with the GCSAA and our local association the Rocky Mountain GCSA. 

This year there were 11 new by-law changes proposed by GCSAA up for vote at the annual meeting. These by-law changes are proposed at the annual Chapter Delegate Meeting in Lawrence, Kansas to all Delegates. After the meeting the Delegates are able to determine whether these by-laws hold merit and vote accordingly at the annual meeting during the Golf Industry Show. Of course there is ample time given to break down this information to our Rocky Mountain GCSA Board of Directors and also during this time opinions are expressed on these issues. Also, candidates running for the national Board of Directors are examined and discussion proceeds with what candidates the BOD feels as though would best represent our association here in Colorado but foremost who will lead our national association forward into the future.

This year, all 11 by-law changes proposed passed during the annual meeting. Most changes were minimal in nature without too much in regards to association management, basically cleaning up some by-laws to fit naturally into the 21st century. One by-law change did have a significant impact on how Chapter Delegates vote for new Board candidates. For example, in the past, filling a candidate’s seat left open from moving into the Secretary/Treasurer position was filled by appointment from the GCSAA BOD. This seat was usually filled by the highest votes received by a candidate but not enough for a Board appointment, so basically last man out in total votes.  See figure below for the old method: 

1. Candidate A – 500 votes (seated for 2 or 1 year term)
2. Candidate B – 400 votes (seated for 2 or 1 year term)
3. Candidate C – 350 votes (appointed by BOD)
4. Candidate D – 300 votes (Better Luck Next Year)

With the new by-law change the GCSAA proposed this appointment would no longer be the case and given back to the delegates for a decision. This by-law was approved this year and thus our voting changed as a result. Chapter Delegates have the opportunity to pick their candidates of choice to now represent the national association. 

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