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2018 January/February President's Message
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President's Message 

by Eric Strasheim, Superintendent, Murphy Creek Golf Course 

RMGCSA Mission Statement:  The RMGCSA is dedicated to serving its members, advancing their profession and enhancing the enjoyment, growth and vitality of the game of golf.  I put this here as a reminder to what it is the RMGCSA and its board of directors guiding mission is. 
Here is wishing all of the RMGCSA membership a happy and prosperous new year.  Our November planning session brought about some great discussion that each of the board members should be able use to help provide a better value to the membership through their respective committees.  As board members it is our responsibility to recruit members for the committees but just like all of you our board is very busy with their superintendent or general manager jobs and might miss someone who wants to help out the association, so with that in mind here is a list of committees and their board member chairmen.  All of the contact information is available in the RMGCSA directory or website.

Reporter/Craig Cahalane; as the vice president Craig is also the technical editor of The Reporter and as a graduate of this position I know it can be difficult and sometimes stressful to gather enough content to put together a solid issue.  If you have some opinions, ideas or just want the membership to know you better get in contact with Craig and get yourself published.

Scholarship/Tim Davis;
this is the committee that gets out information on the Legacy Scholarships.  This year there is two $2500 scholarships to be awarded, it was decided by the board to have two because of the number of strong candidates we receive each year.

Golf/Kevin Kallas; Kevin heads up this committee and if you have a venue you would like to see the members play and see or just want to help check in members at an event it is a great way to meet members and colleagues.

Government, Legislative/Kyle Merritt; if you have an interest in learning more about how laws and regulations at the state anted national level come about and how they can affect our industry along with outreach to state legislatures this is the committee for you.

Education/Paul Sibley; if you have ideas about an education speaker or program then this committee can help you have a voice in the education of fellow members.

Public Relations/Chris Lewis; are you a social media star or want to make sure co-worker or peer accomplishments get recognized then this is the committee for you.

Membership, Rounds for Research/Jeff Wichman; this is the committee that efforts to recruit new and retain members and helps gather courses to participate in the Rounds for Research fundraiser which benefits the Rocky Mountain Environmental Golf Institute. (RMEGI)

Assistant Superintendent/Mitch Savage;
are you an assistant superintendent that wants to be more involved in the RMGCSA then this committee which sets up the assistant outing and helps with concerns from assistants is a great place to start.  

Affiliate/Greg Kitzmiller, Scott Lyons; this committee will help you and your fellow affiliate members liaison with the board and can help promote the association with getting the word out about sponsorship/advertising opportunities.

Symposium/Austin Anderson, Tim Davis; this is a new committee for 2018 and it can give you a voice in the 2018 symposium programming.

As president I am chairman of the Executive Committee which is an internal committee which sets the outline and goals for the year.  The main goal for this year is to keep providing value to your membership and work on new ways to increase the value this year and in the future.

I know the message to participate is repeated year after year by the board and its officers but it is because it is the driving force that keeps our chapter as one of the best in the country year after year and speaking personally it has been a great value to me on a personal and professional level.  Give it a try and join or just offer and idea to a committee.

Contact Gary Leeper at RMGCSA
Voice: 303-255-9611 Fax: 303-458-0002
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